Rapid Release® Fishing Rod Holders - Start Landing More Fish!


Kayak Fishing, Surf Fishing or Drift Fishing the Rapid Release® Fishing Rod Holders Do It All!

Rapid Release® rod holders are the strongest most durable quick release fishing rod holders available in today’s market. The fishing rod holders fit perfectly within any type of fishing application and are capable of mounting in practically any location. Fishing rod holders are often clunky and difficult to use, either requiring two hand operation or special maneuvering to release the fishing pole from the rod holder.

The unique hinged design alleviates many of the current issues resulting from traditional rod holders and allows for a simple one hand approach for quickly and effectively releasing your fishing pole from the rod holder while setting the hook at the same time. Fully adjustable and available with a wide assortment of accessories the Rapid Release® fishing rod holder will be the last rod holder you will ever need.

Pro Series

rod-holder-rapid-release The Rapid Release® Rod Holder guarantees you’ll land more fish. Our quick release rod holder features a unique two-piece hinged design lets the front half disengage when the rod comes in contact with the release lever. You set the hook and release the rod all in one motion.

Charter Series

rapid-release-rod-holder The Rapid Release Rod Holder is a true break away rod holder that guarantees to quickly release your rod every time. We believe in fighting the fish not the rod holder. Our Rapid Release Rod Holder can be mounted to any Scotty or Cabela’s Mounting system with the optional universal adapter.

The Drifter

rapid-release-rod-holder Never before has there been an easier more reliable quick release rod holder that actually increases your hook up rate. Fiber has been infused into its construction increases versatility and durability. The Rapid Release rod holder is the strongest quick release rod holder available on the market today.